Unlocking the Potential of Playable Ads

In the constantly changing world of customer acquisition, finding ways to engage with your audience has become quite the challenge. With popular traditional ad formats, such as videos, interstitials, banners and more, all competing for often limited advertising and marketing resources, it can be an arduous task deciding on the kind of ad that will be right for seeing concrete growth in your  intended market, whether it’s a game, brand, or a physical product.

So let us introduce you to the rising star of ad formats: Playable Ads. In recent years, interactive ads, referred to as “Playables”, have become a proven asset for mobile game and app developers looking for cost-effective ways for increasing their user acquisition metrics, such as conversion rates and costs-per-install. But not only among mobile publishers, many consumer brands have begun to take advantage of the potential that Playable Ads offer, by including interactive experiences to reach both their existing and new audiences.

But despite having made a big impact in the advertising world almost a decade ago, Playable Ads are still not universally understood (or appreciated). And so, in this article, we are going to talk about some of the main reasons why you should be playing your ads, and not just looking at them!

What is a Playable Ad?

A Playable Ad is most commonly defined as an interactive ad that allows the use to engage with your content before having to take an action, or make a purchase. Much like a game or software demo, Playable Ads provide the consumer with a try-before-you-buy mini-game where they can try out the best, or specific, features of your game or brand without having to download anything.

The Benefits of Playable Ads

Higher Engagement Rates:

When compared to other ad formats, Playable Ads have a much higher potential for increasing customer engagement. Whereas with videos or banners, where the customer is essentially forced to sit and watch and wait for the moment they can click that ‘X’ and resume their activity, an interactive ad allows them to directly participate, and go from passive to active engagement with your product. This has been shown to lead to a much more positive association with the advertised brand or product, in addition to greater brand recall. 

A study by Sapio Research, asking agency professionals in the US, found that 28% of the respondents said that Playable Ads were the most effective in-app ad format. This was a clear five percent higher than the second best format, which was interactive ads, followed closely by rewarded videos/opt-ins, and rich media ads at 22% and 20% respectively. In comparison, only 4% of respondents rated native ads as being most effective. Playable Ads are also very fast-loading. Averaging around 2-5MB in size, most consumers are engaging with your product within a few seconds, and with there only being a handful of moments in which to capture the audience’s attention, the agility of playables is another factor in their success.

A Better User Experience:  Another great thing about Playable Ads, is that they are a natural, organic way to shorten a consumer’s journey through the sales conduit. And they are definitely a much more fun way of turning clicks into installs. We play games for entertainment. Games are mood-boosters. Advertising to your audience and influencing consumers is much easier when they’re in a relaxed, positive emotional state. According to recent data from ironSource, 74% of consumers use mobile ads to discover new apps and services, and that there was very little difference between whether users were playing mobile games or using apps or services. Relaxing, interactive ads were key to engagement.

Reduced User Acquisition Costs: Given the advanced technical nature of Playables Ads – essentially being mini-games – it might be surprising to know that they have the lowest cost-per-install of all in-app ad formats. Averaging at $1.31 CPI, no other ad format comes close to matching the value of Playables. The most recent reports show that interstitial ads are the least cost-effective ads, weighing in at $11.29 CPI, and that’s an increase of 761.3% compared to Playable Ads.

Where To Start

Determining where to begin can very easily lead to analysis paralysis. So, to simplify the process, consider these three straightforward questions. They will help streamline the path ahead and provide clear direction for your next steps.

1. What would be your campaign objective? Determine the purpose of your playable ad campaign. Are you aiming to boost user engagement, drive conversions, or enhance brand visibility?

2. Where do you want to run your campaign? Choose where you’ll deploy your playable ad. Consider platforms like social media, mobile apps, or specific ad networks for optimal reach.

3. How do you want to approach the design and creation process? There are various approaches to crafting playable ads; each with its own timelines and budget considerations. You can take charge of this process or enlist the help of specialised agencies, like Seepia, to assist you.

No doubt, this is just the beginning! While there are additional vital factors to take into account, this marks the initial stride. We all know that embarking on a new venture is challenging all by itself. But with the data at our disposal, we can safely say that the future of ads is playable!

The Key Points

1. Playable Ads Drive Higher Engagement Rates.Playable Ads outperform traditional ad formats like videos or banners by actively engaging users in interactive experiences. This heightened engagement fosters a positive brand association and significantly improves brand recall.

2. Enhanced User Experience with Playable Ads.Playable Ads provide an enjoyable and organic way to guide consumers through the sales process, particularly in a relaxed and positive emotional state. This leads to a more favorable perception of brands and, consequently, higher conversion rates.

3. Playable Ads Offer Cost-Effective User Acquisition.Surprisingly, Playable Ads have the lowest cost-per-install among various in-app ad formats. They deliver exceptional value, making them a cost-effective choice for advertisers seeking a better return on investment compared to other formats.

In this article, we’ve taken you on a brief tour of the benefits of adding Playables into your advertising and UA rotations. Playable Ads tick a lot of boxes when it comes to user acquisition needs. Low production costs, the most cost-effective CPI, quality engagements and analytics with ultra-responsive iteration makes it easy to see why more and more clients are working with specialists like us here at Seepia to create entertaining new ways of attracting consumer audiences, and keeping them engaged. Now, if we’ve already managed to pique your interest and would like to chat with us about what we might accomplish together, please get in touch